Documentation for the DataJoint’s DJTest Image

A docker image for running tests related to DataJoint.
For more details, have a look at prebuilt images, source, and documentation.

Launch Locally


docker-compose -f dist/debian/docker-compose.yaml --env-file config/.env up --build


docker-compose -f dist/alpine/docker-compose.yaml --env-file config/.env up --build


  • Adds testing libraries: - pytest - pytest-cov - flake8 - black - ptvsd - faker

  • Applies image compresssion


To rebuild and run tests locally, execute the following statements:

set -a  # automatically export sourced variables
. config/.env  # source config for build and tests
docker buildx bake -f dist/${DISTRO}/docker-compose.yaml --set *.platform=${PLATFORM} --set *.context=. --load  # build image
tests/  # run tests
set +a  # disable auto-export behavior for sourced variables

Base Image

Build is a child of datajoint/djbase.